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Taught by Brandon Southern, an industry thought-leader with over 20 years of data analytics and management experience.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, so you can learn at your own pace and level up your skills.

Practical Insights

Learn the most important tool for your career - SQL - along with the most important functions for analyzing data.


Our on-demand courses are availabe 24/7, so you can learn whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.


Our courses are the best on the market. You won't find anyone else who delivers the same level of quality content.

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Become a Data Analyst:
Complete 10 Course Package

The end-to-end analytics training to get you job-ready to become a data analyst. Learn the technical skills, build your portfolio, create your resume, and prepare for your interview.

With FREE resume and interview templates

Real-World Analysis

How Your Metrics Are Wrong Without You Knowing It

Anyone can write SQL and create a dashboard. And anyone can share data and call themselves a data analyst. But being a high-value data analyst means learning to understand that the world of analytics is more complex than anyone has ever taught you.

Introduction to Analytics

The perfect overview of data analytics for those interested getting into the field. This free course provides an overview of the field and offers a demo of three essential tools that will help you get started on your journey to becoming a data analyst.


Excel for Data Analysts

If you're looking to become a data analyst, Excel is still a valuable tool and one of 3 core tools that you need to use on the job. Learn the core functionality in Excel for data analysts in this FREE course.


What Do Hiring Managers Expect?

Employers are expecting business results and deep insights while using industry best practices. Watch me demonstrate how advanced, high-value data analysts work, just like employers are expecting.