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Everything you need to become a data analyst. Learn the skills that employers are really looking for. Taught by an industry expert with 12+ years hiring data analysts.


"I feel like I'm stealing from Brandon"

"It's $100. There's bootcamps that are charging $5,000 - $10,000 just to teach you all this stuff."

Free Bonus Material

Resume Template

World-class resume template to help you design your new resume to get noticed by interviewers.

Interview Prep Sheets

Multiple interview templates and prep sheets to help you prepare and excel during your interview.

Access to Discord

Connect for free in our Discord community. Ask questions, get answers, and grow with others.

Massive, Custom, Real-world Dataset

Custom built, e-commerce dataset including 300k customers, 1M transactions, 6.4M transaction line items, ~3k products, 349 stores.

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Articles written by Brandon covering topics such as analytics, career development, interviewing, and more.

Why You Need Dashboards for Your Portfolio

Most applicants have a dashboard portfolio, but few create real-world dashboards.

Stand out from all the other candidates by building 4 Tableau dashboards and 27 worksheets, from a custom built e-commerce dataset. These dashboards are professional looking dashboards like Brandon has built at Amazon, eBay, GameStop, and other companies.

Your Instructor:

Brandon Southern

Sr. Leader - Head of Analytics: US Prime & North America Stores Marketing at Amazon

Meet THE Analytics Expert - Brandon Southern (Sr. Leader at Amazon). Brandon is an expert data analytics and engineering, with over 20 years of experience in software engineering, quality assurance engineering, software release management, data engineering, and analytics. With more than 12 years of leadership experience across these domains, he has interviewed, hired, coached, and elevated professionals like you!

As a Senior Leader of Business Intelligence at Amazon, he leads business analysts and business intelligence engineers. He has a passion for helping others grow and developing world-class analytics solutions and teams, which led him to create Analytics Mentor. In his courses and coaching sessions, he will teach you how to develop the necessary skills to become one of the best professionals in the field of data and analytics. He will also show you how to incorporate the best practices that he has developed after working across multiple engineering roles. With his coaching, you'll develop your resume, prepare for interviews, negotiate for higher salaries, and grow your career. By the end of it, you'll become a world-class analyst and engineer and learn the best practices and skills that almost no other analytics team (even in the top tech companies) are using today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I build a portfolio?

Yes, you will build a real-world Tableau project that consists of 4 dashboards and 27 worksheets. This work is based on a custom built dataset of 300k customers, 1M transactions, 6.4M transaction line items, 3k products, and more! Also, it's exactly like what you would see being used at companies like Amazon, eBay, and more!

After building your dashboards, you can publish to Tableau public and make it part of your portfolio of work. You can also use this data to perform more practice!

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone that is interested in becoming a data analyst or business analyst. It's also a prerequisite for becoming a data scientist or data engineer.

How long is this course and can I complete it at my own pace

This is a self-paced course so you can start and stop as needed and take the course all at once or in small increments. This course has over 13hrs of video content. Completion time will vary as students will be performing homework and other exercises during the course. Watching and performing the lessons for ~ 10hr/wk may take about 6 weeks to complete to ensure that you understand the material.

Will I need any prior knowledge or experience in data analytics?

No. Prior knowledge is not required for this course. You should have basic computer skills such as installing software.

What kind of support is available to me while taking this course

You can email your instructor with questions about this course and content. You can also leverage the FREE Discord community to ask questions. One-on-one coaching is available where you can discuss any topic of your choosing for an additional fee.

What certification will I receive upon completion of this course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for the Analytics for Beginners course from Analytics Mentor. This is an educational item that you can add to your resume potentially to improve your chances of obtaining a job in the field of analytics.

How should I take this course?

First, I recommend that you take a course from the course package and simply watch it from start to finish. Don't try to do the demo work or feverishly take notes. Just watch, listen, learn, and get the 10,000ft view of what we're working on.

I've seen people try to "do" at the same time that they are trying to learn new material, and it tends to reduce understanding and applied knowledge.

Second, after you watch the course, go back a second time and perform the exercises. This time, watch the course module, pause when we get to the lesson work. Try to complete the lesson without the video. This will give you more of those "ah-ha" moments of success!  You can always click the play button if you get stuck.