Build Your Portfolio with Tableau

Learn the fundamentals of data analytics, including how work with Tableau, how to create worksheets, and how to create dashboards. You'll build 4 dashboard and 27 worksheets along with custom calculations that you can use in your portfolio.

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About the Build Your Portfolio with Tableau Course

This online course that's perfect for individuals who want to break into the world of data analytics but don't know where to start. Through our course, you'll learn the fundamentals of data analytics, including how work with Tableau, how to create worksheets, and how to create dashboards. In this course you'll build 4 dashboard and 27 worksheets along with custom calculations. When you're finished, you'll be able to use your work as part of your analytics portfolio to help you land a job as a data analyst.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career and take your data analytics skills to the next level!

Skill Level


Video Length

2 hrs


(Recommended) SQL for Beginners

Certificate of Completion

Build Your Portfolio with Tableau: Course Content

01. Course Overview

  • 1.01: Course Introduction
  • 1.02: About Your Instructor

02. Course Learning Content

  • 2.01: Challenges with Excel
  • 2.02: About Tableau
  • 2.03: Challenges with Tableau
  • 2.04: Tableau Compared to Excel
  • 2.05: Tableau Terminology
  • 2.06: Tableau Overview
  • 2.07: Installing Tableau
  • 2.08: Downloads and Data
  • 2.09: Course Learning Tips
  • 2.10: Tasks Overview
  • 2.11: Thinking About What to Build
  • 2.12: Building the Revenue Dashboard
  • 2.13: Adding Graphs to the Revenue Dashboard
  • 2.14: Dashboard Documentation
  • 2.19: Saving Your Workbook
  • 2.20: Creating the Products Dashboard
  • 2.21: Creating the Store Perfromance Dashboard
  • 2.22: Debugging the Dashboard
  • 2.15: Fixing the Dashboard Data
  • 2.16: Sales Overview Dashbaord
  • 2.17: Building the Sales Overview Dashboard
  • 2.18: Cleaning Up the UI

03. Course Wrap-up

  • 3.01: Dashboard UI Tips
  • 3.02: Course Wrap-up

"I feel like I found a goldmine!"

"I remember my tutor trying to teach me C++. Nightmare. Brandon explaining SQL. Crystal clear."

Your Instructor:

Brandon Southern

Sr. Leader - Head of Analytics: US Prime & North America Stores Marketing at Amazon

Meet THE Analytics Expert - Brandon Southern (Sr. Leader at Amazon). Brandon is an expert data analytics and engineering, with over 20 years of experience in software engineering, quality assurance engineering, software release management, data engineering, and analytics. With more than 12 years of leadership experience across these domains, he has interviewed, hired, coached, and elevated professionals like you!

As a Senior Leader of Business Intelligence at Amazon, he leads business analysts and business intelligence engineers. He has a passion for helping others grow and developing world-class analytics solutions and teams, which led him to create Analytics Mentor. In his courses and coaching sessions, he will teach you how to develop the necessary skills to become one of the best professionals in the field of data and analytics. He will also show you how to incorporate the best practices that he has developed after working across multiple engineering roles. With his coaching, you'll develop your resume, prepare for interviews, negotiate for higher salaries, and grow your career. By the end of it, you'll become a world-class analyst and engineer and learn the best practices and skills that almost no other analytics team (even in the top tech companies) are using today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone that is interested in becoming a data analyst or business analyst.

How long is this course and can I complete it at my own pace

This is a self-paced course so you can start and stop as needed and take the course all at once or in small increments. This course will take 4-8hrs to complete.

Will I need any prior knowledge or experience in data analytics?

No. Prior knowledge is not required for this course. You should have basic computer skills such as installing software.

What kind of support is available to me while taking this course

You can get support on our Free Discord group.

What certification will I receive upon completion of this course?

You will receive a certificate of completion for the Analytics for Beginners course from Analytics Mentor. This is an educational item that you can add to your resume to improve your chances of obtaining a job in the field of analytics.